A series of randomly generated cat portraits with features drawn by @stefj_art. Burn (use) a TICKET to get your cat delivered to your wallet.
A project running on Tezos!

1. Buy TICKEWTS. TICKEWTS are limited to 800 in supply, once they are gone no more will be minted*
2. Burn the TICKEWTS. You can use the burn function inside hic et nunc, or send the TICKEWTS directly to tz1burnburnburnburnburnburnburjAYjjX
3. Receive a YOURCAtz. Your burn txn hash will be used as the seed to generate the YOURCAtz. If you burned more than one TICKEWT, you’ll receive an equal number of YOURCAtz. Each YOURCAtz will be a 1/1 minted exclusively for you
4. See YOURCAtz in the gallery!

IMPORTANT: ALL THE ORIGINAL TICKEWTS ARE SOLD OUT! But don't worry, you can always find them on the secondary market! Link below will lead you to the page where to find them!

* Some TICKETS will be kept aside as a small reserve for giveaways and other activities

The first 10 people that find a cat with both glasses and a fish frame (starting from June 9th, 2021) will also receive a #mysteryfish token from Sh!g. You can burn that token to get a #mysteryfish randomly generated and sent to your Tezos address.

The first 10 people that find a cat with gold earrings (starting from June 9th, 2021) will also receive a DOUBLOON from Flygohr. You can burn that token to get a #TEZOSPIRATES randomly generated and sent to your Tezos address. AS OF NOW, ALL DOUBLOONS HAVE BEN SENT! NO MORE LEFT.

Each YOURCAtz is randomly generated using a fixed set of features, each one having different rarities (or 'spawn' rates).

Each image has five features, and each feature has seven different options with different probabilities.
For example, a common option has a 23/100 chances of spawning against a 1/100 for a legendary one.

Each image comes with my signature and the edition number directly impressed on it, and with a randomly generated name for the cat too.

The images are designed to be used as avatars and are perfect for rounded icons.

Each YOURCAtz has the following randomly generated features:

  • Adjective and Name

  • Body color

  • Expression

  • Lower accessory

  • Upper accessory

  • Overlay frame

Each feature except for names has seven different options, each one being represented by a different drawing, or by the absence of one.
Each feature is randomly assigned a rarity from 1 to 7, where 1 is the most common and 7 is the most rare (1/100 possibilities).

All of the various options will be revealed upon generation of the YOURCAtz.
You can browse YOURCAtz here: Stefj's YOURCAtz Gallery

Hi! I'm Stefania and I am a digital artist and illustrator based in Italy. I try always to put some magic in my works and I love to do cute art. Plant based and kitten addicted.

You can find my hic et nunc profile here.

PureSpider is the amazing dev who set up all the back-end for this project. He's active in the H=N community and is famous for having created the service and

Flygohr is the creator of #PUNKDOE and #TEZOSPIRATES, two successful projects on H=N.
While I was busy with school AND making all the drawings for the YOURCAtz project he was putting this website together while organizing the drop with PureSpider.

© Stefj. All rights reserved.